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 What People Are Saying…

“Laura provides direct no-nonsense rapid resolution therapy. This isn’t a place to come and just talk, this is a place to make immediate changes in areas of your life where you’ve been struggling for years.

Whether it’s loss, death, fear or any other emotional areas that continue to block your forward movement and present day living; Laura is the person to help bring you closure and light in these areas. Her safe and caring environment allows you to feel safe when presenting your story. I have worked with Laura to help me deal with my diagnosis of breast cancer, surgery preparation, and long-term fears that plague many survivors to continue living a fear-free life.”

 – M.Z

Dear Laura,

You have been an integral part of my healing and recovery from a very painful period of time in my life. I have found peace, joy and clarity with your help.

My son and I have entertained in our home and opened up our life once again to neighbors and friends! I wake each day and have found the energy to embrace life and love and admire my son for his strength in the face of much adversity. What relief to be able to face each day with the knowledge that I have the strength and desire to make changes for the better. Your counsel and skillfull guidance created a vision and then reality for this to occur within me.

Once again, thank you. With love and care,


“In short, I grew up in a dysfunctional household and had a lot of anger. Today, I no longer allow my past to color how I think of myself or others to influence my self-acceptance. I am also more calm and still use the “ABC” technique to look at my own negative thinking!”

 – Steve M.

“Thank you so much for the CD. I forgot how beneficial guided imagery can be. The soothing music and prompter helps to focus my mind during the day and to sleep at night.”

 – Marianne S.

“I suffered for years with the painful repercussions at having been abused as a child. I am amazed at how fast the trauma resolution process worked for me. I finally feel free and at ease with myself.Thank you.

 – Frank W


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