Anger Management


Anger is an emotion that is expressed when we feel wronged or threatened or want someone or something to stop or change so that we can once again feel ok or balanced in our environment. Anger can seem to flare up and come from nowhere til we can’t contain it and we end up expressing our anger by yelling, screaming and sometimes raging and getting physical.

However, when anger gets out of control it can be unhealthy for self, destructive and negatively effect our personal, family and work relationships. It is important to recognize your triggers to anger, and learn how to positively respond to your world differently.

At North Star Counseling, we will help you identify your triggers, increase your frustration tolerance, learn to recognize the physical component to anger, practice tools to help you stay calm and communicate your needs to others more effectively.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion that we all have expressed at times. But when your emotional response to anger has become is time to do something about it for yourself and your relationships!

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