Rapid Trauma Therapy®

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Clear your past without reliving it!

Abuse  Trauma  War  PTSD  Sexual Violence   Panic/Anxiety   Sleep Disorders   Anger   Resentment   Depression

The effects of a traumatic event can linger well past the event itself causing a host of physiological symptoms and continued emotional upset. When the mind perceives an event as disturbing or traumatic it stores and encodes the information differently than other experiences.

The brain is designed to generalize the information for future use all to keep a person safe. The result is the fight or flight response seems to be “stuck” or “turned on” indefinitely. This loop may be experienced in different ways both mentally and physically as anxiety, panic, fear, depression, sleep disturbances, self destructive behaviors, spontaneous recall and more. As a result trauma does not go away over time.

Rapid Trauma Resolution® works with multiple facets of the mind simultaneously. Through these processes, clients are not required to relive the past or felt the pain from traumatic events in order to simply desensitize the experience. The ongoing influences that painful past events have on emotions, thoughts and behaviors are pinpointed then dissolved. The mind’s responsiveness is enhanced and disturbing side effects are eliminated. The mind is clear and once again life can become peaceful and joyful!



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