Frozen Grief

FROZEN GRIEF…when grief gets stuck and remains painful

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A Transition from Pain to Peace 

Frozen Grief, a form of trauma resolution helps you to move past a painful experience of loss to reconnecting memories of your loved one in a joyful and peaceful way.

Grief can get stuck or “frozen” on the last few frames of a persons life or a particular moment especially if the transition was sudden, unexpected, traumatic or due to an illness. This will tend to prolong the grief process and exacerbate painful emotions and increase feelings of loss. Also, like a trauma event, when a person passes, the death experience can replay over in the mind causing undue anguish whether was unresolved relationship issues or not.

Frozen Grief Therapy can heal these painful emotions and feelings of loss, stop disturbing images, and bring a renewed sense of peace and balanced. The result is a deeper feeling of reconnection and acceptance.



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