Weight Loss

Fresh apple and water for dietA  necessary component of any good weight loss program is a sound exercise and nutritional program.

At North Star Counseling Services we go beyond to what is essential for long term weight loss, provide support and useful tools to help you transform within and without!

What is essential is getting to the root cause of how you view yourself and your body and why and how you use food. For instance, do you use food for reward, comfort, stress, self soothing, boredom, disturbing past events or current situations that are hard to deal with?

 During your sessions we pinpoint past and current issues, negative beliefs, and destructive behaviors that keep you stuck in what can be an unending pattern of weight loss and weight gain. Together we tailor your sessions to individual goals which include:

  •  Identify then redirect the craving responses to hard to stay away from foods
  •  Eliminate automatic learned responses to emotional eating patterns
  •  Decrease stressors and dissolve negative emotional patterns attached to overeating
  •  Address body image issues and change your perceived identity from self loathing to self empowerment
  •  Clear any past associations with negative or traumatic events and food as comfort or reward
  • Eliminate the self blame and failure cycle

When feeling empowered, energy and motivation increase.

When mind is clear from what had been keeping you stuck, action is easier,  you are doing those things for your health and wellness and theresult is that the body reflects the empowered you inside and out.

For more info please refer to the article entitled  Freedom From Emotional Eating!


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