Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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Anxiety is an emotion that signals us that something is wrong or amiss and can keep us from harm. But ongoing anxiety can be harmful, stress the mind and negatively affect your physical health.

Healthy anxiety stems from caution and promotes realistic concern. Unhealthy anxiety can breed irrational concern, fear and panic. Heightened anxiety at it worst creates mental and physical symptoms that may inhibit your ability to cope in useful and rational ways. Also, the physical symptoms can immobilize a person’s day to day functioning.

Some common symptoms of anxiety are: changes in breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, feelings of lightheadedness, faint, muscle spasm or tightness, and sleep disturbances.

Definition of panic attack or disorder according to DSMIV are: a sudden or abrupt onset of anxiety that builds rapidly reaching a peak and can be accompanied by physical symptoms and a feeling of impending doom, fear or an urge to flee.

If you are currently experiencing unhealthy anxiety or panic and the feelings are stopping you from enjoying your everyday life, then now is the time to regain control, learn effective strategies for eliminating the unhealthy anxiety and panic response and start to enjoy your life again!


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