Drug & Alcohol Addiction – Relapse Prevention

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Relapse Prevention. DUI Counterattack


North Star Counseling Services provides one on one outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addictions.

People use for the effect of the chemical, to self soothe or forget painful memories. But when your life has become unmanageable and your work and relationships are suffering because of drinking or drugging… its time to get help.

At North Star we provide you with valuable skills to manage your emotions, increase self acceptance, effectively deal with relationship issues and everyday stressors.

We provide traditional as well as holistic approaches to getting clean and sober.

Laura DelleDonne-Schmidt  has 10 years experience with addictions treatment having served the Hillsborough and Pinellas County drug and alcohol Probation populations.

We also provide individual treatment services that satisfies the DUI Counterattack Program for Hillsborough County. This includes an etoh and drug assessment to ascertain the need for treatment.  The criteria for treatment is based on risk factors presented by the individual at the time of assessment.

Within all of us is the capacity to heal and recover. Don’t wait until the consequences are beyond your control. Call us for a confidential consultation @ 813.416.9577.

For a list of substance abuse addiction symptoms and checklist see WebMD


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