Neuro Linguistic Progamming




Brain  Therapy

Understanding language and our sensory processes to enhance our experiences

NLP or more formally, Neuro-Linguistic Programming was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler as a practical set of models, skills and techniques to understand one’s thinking, perceptions, and the impact of language and senses and how a person can become more effective within their world.

“Linguistic” meaning we use language to order our thoughts, behavior and to communicate and “Programming” refers to how we can choose to organize our thoughts and actions to produce better results or to become more effect driven.

More simply, how we filter and frame our world may not be working for us!

For instance, Anchoring is a highly effective NLP tool that can be utilized to help shape, acquire or replace a negative self image, perception or behavior with a more useful or positive one that is unique to that individuals experience.

One of the most useful tenants of NLP is that we all have or can create the inner resources to achieve our goals!


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