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Brief. Focused. Transformational.

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Rapid Resolution Therapy® developed by Dr. John Connelly, Ph.D., is a remarkable and innovative therapeutic technique that utilizes powerful tools for lasting change. Rapid Resolution Therapy®  is effective for any experience big or small that requires clarity, behavioral and emotional change or, if you are simply wanting to update a negative belief or reduce the emotional upset that that no longer serves your purpose and life’s direction.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® is unique in that the mind and brain are engaged with specific processes and does so with ease. With Rapid Resolution Therapy® the root of the problem is identified and pinpointed quickly. The emotional disturbance attached or any distortion creating a negative impact is then cleared and resolved. The brain is updated with new information, the mind acquires useful insight and the result is an increase not only with self-acceptance but with an overall positive sense of self in general. The mind becomes freed up to be organized and optimized to work at its very best.

Afterward, many clients report feeling an immediate difference; one of calm, peace and energy! Where they once felt “stuck in their life” they now have a renewed sense of purpose and direction and can once again move forward with their life’s goals and vision.

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