Rational Emotive And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Rational Emotive And Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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REBT and The ABC’s of Reducing Emotional Upset

Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral  is an action oriented therapy that emphasizes staying present while teaching clients hands on tools for effectively examining their own thoughts, beliefs, and actions regarding events and guides the client towards more life-enriching solutions. REBT was developed by Albert Ellis, Ph.D., a world renown psychologist who was dubbed “the Grandfather of Cognitive Behavior Therapy!” More importantly, Dr. Ellis developed an easy yet concise “bag of tools” called the ABC’s that enables the client to quickly move past what has kept them stuck. Clients learn how to examine and then challenge their unhelpful thinking that has created unhealthy or un-useful emotions and to change self-defeating behaviors. As Ellis stated, “when I became more rational-emotive my personality processes began to vibrate”! (The Albert Ellis Institute, NY)



Shameless Happiness

This introduction to REBT is based on Shameless Happiness, a concise booklet that outlines the basics of REBT. A guide to simple happinessGuide to Shameless Happiness (A Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Booklet) Available on Amazon.com


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