Course Objective & Outline

October 23 – 24, 2015 Training

Brain Access Therapy With Hypnosis:Beginning Strategies for Dissolving Trauma, Anxiety, Fear, Panic Anger PTSD and more

14 CEUS Toward Hypnosis Certification

Presenter: Laura DelleDonne-Schmidt, LMHC,NBCCH

Course objectives and outline:

  1. Introduction to Hypnosis: The difference between the subconscious and conscious mind, myths, and the benefits of hypnotherapy.

  2. Participants will learn the basic facets of brain function, what each center or lobe or hemisphere is responsible for and how this relates to body function and emotions.

  3. Each participant will learn to identify levels of inner mind or subconscious; how hypnosis activates inner mind for therapeutic purposes and the language of the inner mind.

  4. Participants will learn and be able to define hypnosis, learn what an induction and deepening technique is, and used for.

  5. Participants will learn how brain encodes information regarding emotional and behavioral disturbances, such as trauma, anxiety, panic, fear, PTSD, abuse and how brain encodes information and gets stuck on past events.

  6. Each participant will learn 4 different hypnosis inductions; eye roll, hand, color and nature space.

  7. Participants will practice relaxation and breath techniques for hypnosis inductions, deepening and be able to demonstrate.

  8. Each participant will learn and practice guided, meditative techniques with visual imagery to activate a healing response/cue such as calm, and for the purposes of stress management.

  9. Each participant will learn how to process a negative event through hypnosis and anchor a positive emotion or behavioral response utilizing an NLP hypnosis technique (the language of inner mind).

  10. Introduction and demonstration of a Rational Hypnotherapy technique – which is excellent for self- hypnosis; the Preston “library technique” for reducing negative patterns of thought and behaviors and, a “library” script will also be provided for you.

  11. Each participant will learn how to scan for the initializing event that created the disturbance and then every 5 years to clear the emotional charge to attached events.

  12. Intro to modeling for weightloss and the language and imagery for pain reduction with eyes closed.

  13. Intro to Rapid Resolution Therapy® Skills.

  14. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be able to practice and demonstrate a fluid sequence of the stages of a hypnosis session that includes an induction to deepen trance with proper hypnosis language. Utilize visual relaxation imagery and cues and, change/clear/dissolve a negative response by anchoring a positive one.

Each participant will be provided with:
  1. Workbook complete with scripts.
  2. Guided meditative relaxation CD with imagery that demonstrates proper sequence and hypnosis language for their own use and to enhance and practice self-hypnosis skills.



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